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How BiOWiSH® Increases Net Profit for Coffee Farmers

BiOWiSH partnered with researchers in Vietnam to see how BiOWiSH® Crop improves crop production in two key growing regions. The results were a powerful endorsement of BiOWiSH® agriculture solutions. Higher Coffee Yield with BiOWiSH® Crop Agriculture is key in Vietnam, contributing around 20% of the GDP. That’s one of the reasons BiOWiSH teamed up with … Read more

Better Fertilizer with BiOWiSH® Crop Liquid (Video)

Why should fertilizer manufacturers partner with BiOWiSH? When you work with us, you get the opportunity to take fertilizer to the next level, increase differentiation, increase profit margins, and meet environmental standards. Watch the video below to learn how BiOWiSH® can help you stand out. BiOWiSH® Crop Liquid: Microbial Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer Technology Partner with … Read more

BiOWiSH Guide to World Ag 2019

If you didn’t make it to Tulare, California but want to know what happened at World Ag 2019, the BiOWiSH team has you covered! Read on for some highlights from our World Ag crew, including some agriculture hot topics, the winner of a YETI cooler, what a cow magnet is, and more! Everyone’s Talking About Soil In … Read more

6 Reasons Why BiOWiSH® Crop Technology is Good for Farmers

At BiOWiSH, we have made it our mission to provide farmers with the tools to sustainably increase crop production. We have spent years developing agronomy solutions that work across a broad range of operating conditions. The result is BiOWiSH® Crop Technology, a robust blend of microorganisms that has powerful effects on plants and soil.

BiOWiSH Product Approved for Organic Use, OMRI Listed

More great news for organic farmers!

BiOWiSH now has a product listed by OMRI: BiOWiSH® Crop 100% Natural Organic Soil and Plant Amendment.

If you would like to know whether organic BiOWiSH products are available in your region, contact your local distributor. For more information about OMRI and BiOWiSH’s OMRI listed products, read on.

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Happy World Soil Day from BiOWiSH!

One of the most important natural resources we have is below our feet – soil!

At BiOWiSH, we know healthy food for the world starts with productive soil. Unfortunately, unsustainable practices in some industries, like food production, pose a threat to soil productivity.

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BiOWiSH® Crop Boosts Wheat Yield and Farmer ROI

These microbes boost wheat yield and bottom line Using fertilizer coated with BiOWiSH® Crop technology can make crops more profitable, according to a new study by Helena Chemical Company. The study compared today’s farming standard (urea fertilizer) to two treatments: the typical amount of urea coated with BiOWiSH®, and a reduced amount of urea coated … Read more