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BiOWiSH Technologies Welcomes Newly Appointed Board Members

CINCINNATI, OHIO — January 31, 2023 — BiOWiSH Technologies, Inc. today announced the appointment of their newest members of the Board of Directors, Doug Cameron and Richard Warren. Cameron is a former head of biotechnology at Cargill and has extensive experience with venture capital chemical companies. He led the U.S. sector of the US-China Green … Read more

BiOWiSH Technologies Announces New Sustainability Program


Sustainability has been a pivotal component of agricultural production, but an increasing focus on climate has necessitated that parties across the sector develop and further adopt climate-smart practices. As an industry, agriculture makes up a sizeable contribution towards the global greenhouse gas footprint. Agricultural climate-smart solutions can reduce these greenhouse gas emissions while also improving … Read more

BiOWiSH Technologies Announces CEO Retirement, Names Successor


CINCINNATI, OHIO — December 13, 2022— BiOWiSH Technologies, Inc. today announced the upcoming retirement of Chief Executive Officer, Ian Edwards, effective December 31, 2022, and the appointment of Graham Beesley as CEO on January 1, 2023. Edwards has brought a wealth of experience to BiOWiSH during his nine-year tenure, managing a wide range of industry … Read more

Apresentando o Conceito de Hologenoma

A eficiência e o impacto ambiental da produção de alimentos são dois grandes desafios que o mundo atualmente enfrenta. Ao longo da última década, muitos avanços científicos nos permitiram uma melhor compreensão de como os animais e plantas funcionam nesse sistema e o papel que os microrganismos benéficos desempenham no suporte a essas funções. Esse … Read more

Fatores-chave que impulsionam colheitas melhores

Tractor in field

Embora o sonho de todo agricultor seja uma safra perfeita, em que se tira uma ótima colheita de cada planta, há muitos fatores que impedem que isso se torne realidade. Os agricultores enfrentam uma infinidade de desafios em sua busca para garantir rendimentos econômicos aceitáveis, muitos dos quais estão sob pouco ou nenhum controle, especialmente … Read more

Not All Agronomic Microbial Solutions are Created Equally, Part 3

Not All Agronomic Microbial Solutions are Created Equally

Blog Series Part 3 of 3: Trust but Verify Quality Standards The market for agronomic microbials is still fairly new and it’s changing rapidly. According to Markets and Markets, the agricultural biological industry is currently estimated at $12.9 billion USD and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 13.7% in the next five years, … Read more

BiOWiSH Technologies Finalizes Capital Raising Agreement with Strategic Investor SABIC Agri-Nutrients Company

CINCINNATI, OHIO — September 1, 2022— BiOWiSH Technologies, Inc. (BiOWiSH) has announced that it recently closed on a capital investment deal with SABIC Ventures US Holdings LLC (SABIC Ventures), an affiliate of SABIC Agri-Nutrients Company (SABIC AN).  The investment is in connection with SABIC AN’s and BiOWiSH’s desire to broaden and accelerate product commercialization of … Read more

Not All Agronomic Microbial Solutions are Created Equally, Part 2

Not All Agronomic Microbial Solutions are Created Equally

BiOWiSH HoloGene 3™ technology, however, represents a new type of Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer, one which addresses the challenge of delivering soil nutrients to the plant where they’re needed instead of just ensuring that they stay in the soil. This is achieved through multiple modes of action, including both direct and indirect microbial nutrient uptake enhancements. It addresses multiple nutrients at the same time.

Not All Agronomic Microbial Solutions are Created Equally

Not All Agronomic Microbial Solutions are Created Equally

Stimulating the existing native microbes to support the plant and all its developmental functions is the more effective and preferred approach over introducing large numbers of non-native microbes to the soil.

BiOWiSH Technologies and SABIC Agri-Nutrients Company Announce Bio-Enhanced Mineral Fertilizer Collaboration

CINCINNATI, OHIO — July 21, 2022— BiOWiSH Technologies, Inc. and SABIC Agri-Nutrients Company (SABIC AN) announced the successful completion of a year-long technical evaluation of BiOWiSH® Crop Liquid technology coated on SABIC’s urea in nine countries across five continents and nine different crop types. BiOWiSH® Crop Liquid is a blend of proprietary microbial cultures that can … Read more