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Newsweek Sneak Peek: Investment Reports “A New Era of Food and Agriculture”

sustainability in food and agriculture

Investment Reports “A New Era of Food and Agriculture,” published by Newsweek, will feature our CEO, Graham Beesley, and President, Rod Vautier. Graham and Rod speak to the BiOWiSH breakthrough development of the WORLD’S FIRST microbial-based Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer with extended stability, now being adopted by leading fertilizer companies around the world. They provide insights … Read more

What Can We Learn from Soil Sampling Microbes?

Assessing Your Farm Soil Properties to Grow Better Crops

Part of any good farm management and nutrient strategy involves a soil sampling program. How else can growers determine their farm’s nutrient requirements, soil productivity, and changes over time? Traditional soil sampling methods will report physical properties like soil texture, as well as chemical properties such as pH, organic matter, cation exchange capacity (CEC), and … Read more

Earth Day – 7 Ways BiOWiSH Technologies is Investing in Our Planet

Earth Day #EarthDay #InvestInOurPlanet

Earth Day – 7 Ways BiOWiSH Technologies is Investing in Our Planet Saturday, April 22, 2023, is Earth Day, a day set aside to recognize our collective responsibility to our planet and to help accelerate the transition to an equitable, prosperous green economy for all. This year’s theme for Earth Day is “Invest in Our … Read more

BiOWiSH Technologies Becomes Pond Foundation Member

Pond Foundation

BiOWiSH® products reduce the carbon burden per ton of food produced, help condition soil for improved plant performance and may provide farmers with increased return on investment.

BiOWiSH Technologies Featured on Farm4Profit Podcast

Farm4Profit Podcast recently featured BiOWiSH Technologies in a “What’s Working in Ag” segment to discuss the unique BiOWiSH® Enhanced Fertilizer and partnership with ADM. The interview with Senior Executive Vice President of Agri-Business, Bill Diederich, and Agronomy Product Manager, Alex Susko, aired on Farm4Profit April 3, 2023 on the episode titled “Taking the Pulse of the … Read more

Webinar Available On-Demand

Field of corn during the summer

Earn CEU Credit in Nutrient Management with this CropLife Webinar Featuring BiOWiSH BiOWiSH Technologies partnered with CropLife Magazine to release a technical webinar, “Laying the Groundwork for Better Yields and a Sustainable Future through Bio-Enhanced Fertilizers.” Webinar Description Learn about how microbes can be harnessed to optimize yield potential by improved nutrient uptake. Experts discuss … Read more

Understanding Microbes and Plant Biostimulants- What are they and what’s their place in agriculture?

There is increasing dialogue and excitement about microbial biostimulants due to their potential as environmentally sustainable resources for agricultural production. Often positioned as tools for growers seeking to mitigate fertilizer shortages, increasing input costs, and as a means by which to overcome the impact of yield-limiting factors or challenging growing conditions, the terms “microbials” and … Read more

BiOWiSH Technologies Welcomes Newly Appointed Board Members

CINCINNATI, OHIO — January 31, 2023 — BiOWiSH Technologies, Inc. today announced the appointment of their newest members of the Board of Directors, Doug Cameron and Richard Warren. Cameron is a former head of biotechnology at Cargill and has extensive experience with venture capital chemical companies. He led the U.S. sector of the US-China Green … Read more

BiOWiSH Technologies Announces New Sustainability Program


Sustainability has been a pivotal component of agricultural production, but an increasing focus on climate has necessitated that parties across the sector develop and further adopt climate-smart practices. As an industry, agriculture makes up a sizeable contribution towards the global greenhouse gas footprint. Agricultural climate-smart solutions can reduce these greenhouse gas emissions while also improving … Read more