Celebrating 70 Years of The Farm Progress Show – A 2023 Recap

The Farm Progress Show recently celebrated its 70th anniversary at the Decatur, Illinois, location at the end of August. Farm Progress is one of the largest agricultural exhibitions in the U.S., drawing attendees from more than 30 countries to learn about new innovative products and farming practices.

Representatives from SABIC Agri-Nutrients Company (SABIC AN) and BiOWiSH Technologies attended the show, alongside our distribution partner, ADM, who has a large local presence in Decatur. ADM’s exhibit was impressive, with representation on two stages, showcasing the BiOWiSH® Fertilizer Enhancement and sustainability in agriculture. Check out our highlights from the show:

ADM Booth

2023 Farm Progress Show - photo from ADM booth

ADM had a large, enclosed booth where they carved out a central location for BiOWiSH. The booth was bustling with people – ADM and BiOWiSH staff were there talking to potential customers and handing out brochures throughout the show. The booth’s theme was “Faces of Food” which showcased many stories from growers during the event.  

Daily Panel Presentation

Video Thumbnail

Paul Sheetz, ADM Director of Climate Smart Ag Origination, and Graig Whitehead, ADM Director of Biologicals and New Technologies, took the stage to discuss why ADM is partnering with BiOWiSH Technologies to bring the BiOWiSH® Fertilizer Enhancement to U.S. and Canadian growers. BiOWiSH Chief Innovation Officer (formerly Senior Executive Vice President of Agri-Business), Bill Diederich, also offered key insights into how BiOWiSH® works and why it differs from the rest of the biological market. Watch the video, above, for the full panel discussion.

Byers & Co Podcast

Graig Whitehead, ADM Director of Biologicals and New Technologies, joined NowDecatur’s Byers & Co podcast to discuss the BiOWiSH® Fertilizer Enhancement and increasing crop production.

Listen to the podcast here.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the ADM booth to connect with us! It was a pleasure to attend Farm Progress Show 2023, and we’re looking forward to FPS24 in Boone, Iowa!