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Earth Day – 7 Ways BiOWiSH Technologies is Investing in Our Planet

Earth Day #EarthDay #InvestInOurPlanet

Earth Day – 7 Ways BiOWiSH Technologies is Investing in Our Planet Saturday, April 22, 2023, is Earth Day, a day set aside to recognize our collective responsibility to our planet and to help accelerate the transition to an equitable, prosperous green economy for all. This year’s theme for Earth Day is “Invest in Our … Read more

BiOWiSH Technologies Becomes Pond Foundation Member

Pond Foundation

BiOWiSH® products reduce the carbon burden per ton of food produced, help condition soil for improved plant performance and may provide farmers with increased return on investment.

Pond Bottom Soil Improvement Using Probiotic Heterotrophic Sporulating Bacterial Strains

By Josh Ison Recently, I was honored to speak at the Aqua Expo in Ecuador.  It was an outstanding conference and a wonderful opportunity for leaders in aquaculture to meet and share best practices!  For those unable to attend below is a brief synopsis of my presentation: “Pond Bottom Soil Improvement Using Probiotic Heterotrophic Sporulating … Read more

How commercial probiotics impact the production and health of Pacific white shrimp postlarvae

NINH THUAN PROVINCE, VIETNAM  — August 1, 2022— This article presents the results of research carried out at the ShrimpVet Hatchery in Ninh Thuan Province, Vietnam. The purpose of this trial was to assess the effectiveness of the application of a treatment protocol involving two commercial probiotics (BiOWiSH® AquaFarm and BiOWiSH® MultiBio 3PS) in the hatchery production of Pacific … Read more

Improving Shrimp and Fish Gut Health to Increase Profitability

shrimp healthy gut tract

The significance of gut health in aquaculture is gaining more attention. The digestive systems of fish and shrimp are the direct result of the development of stable, desirable gut microflora, and optimal gut microflora impacts feed efficiency, performance and overall productivity. Fish and shrimp are highly subjective to exchanges of microflora between the environment and … Read more

Making Aquaculture More Profitable

Food consumption patterns change often for people all over the world. It’s never been easier for consumers to purchase packaged seafood products thanks to the expansion of retail markets and product availability through numerous sales channels and the ability to provide high-quality and disease-free fish by growing them in an environment that meets hygiene standards. … Read more

Enhancing Water Biology to Promote Water Quality

aquaculture farm

More than 70% of Earth’s surface is covered in water where potentially millions of species live. Contamination in water bodies by nutrients and waterborne pathogens is a major quality concern worldwide. For those involved in aquaculture, it is imperative to understand the importance of maintaining water quality. Read on to learn more about how stimulating … Read more