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3ps for aquaculture Pouch (noshadow)


Environmentally friendly, all natural feed additive for livestock and aquaculture

The biggest production cost for aquaculture producers is feed. Producers who use feed coated with BiOWiSH® MultiBio 3PS can increase feed attractability and digestibility, improving feed efficiency. As the beneficial BiOWiSH® microorganisms flourish in the gut, fish and shrimp will achieve improved immunity and survivability, making aquaculture production more profitable.

BiOWiSH® MultiBio 3PS is a powerful, water soluble prebiotic, probiotic, and postbiotic that can be coated onto feed on the farm or at the feedmill. BiOWiSH® enhanced feed is recommended for all production stages.

As a unique direct fed microbial it is:

  • Highly efficient and fast acting
  • Effective across a wide range of biologically relevant feed and animal types
  • Cost-effective and its performance for the end-user yields a leading return on investment

Aquaculture Benefits:

  • Increases digestibility
  • Improves feed consumption, reducing feed waste


Instructional video covering how to add BiOWiSH® MultiBio 3PS through the drinking water for animal production operations.

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