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Advanced Biological Solutions for Agriculture

Microbial technology that produces more for the grower

BiOWiSH® Improves Rice Yield in Vietnam

BiOWiSH® Crop Technology delivers consistent results across all soil types, climates, and agronomy programs, helping growers produce more.

Our Technology

In partnership with growers, we cultivate an agronomic first approach with our advanced microbial solutions. Our unique microbial strains are produced by a proprietary manufacturing process which promotes the expression of specifically desired characteristics. Designed for the agricultural industry, our biology uses multiple modes of action and performs the intended effects reliably across broad operating conditions. The final result is our range of microbes, proven to optimize crop yields and enhance native soil biology.

Proven Results

Improves Wheat Yield

BiOWiSH® Crop Liquid improved soil productivity, root biomass, and yield resulting in a $28.14 increase in profit per acre.

Increases Tomato Yield and BRIX

BiOWiSH® Crop used on hydroponic tomatoes showed yield increase and brix (sugar content) increase.

Increases Lettuce Head Weight

BiOWiSH® increased lettuce head weight by up to 19 percent leading to an additional 1.5 to two rotations per year.

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“I am very happy with the way BiOWiSH® coated fertilizers improve rice growth and development. This includes larger and deeper root systems, increased tiller and panicle development, and a higher percentage of full grains.”
Nguyen Thanh Dieu - Farmer
“We noticed that the treated plants grew more consistently and are more healthy and vibrant than we have seen them before. The increase in yield weight was also noticeable when we harvested the Bok Choy, as was the improved palatability. We have continued to use the product beyond the trial and would recommend it to other Hydroponic farming operations”
George Paul - Director
Synthite Industries, India

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