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The BiOWiSH® Fertilizer Enhancement is coated onto dry fertilizer or mixed with liquid fertilizer by your fertilizer supplier. It features an industry-leading shelf life, and arrives on-farm, ready to use. No fermenting, special equipment or mixing required. It can also work in coordination with other crop protection products and differentiated technologies like urease inhibitors, controlled release products, and nitrification inhibitors.

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In more than a decade’s worth of independent, third-party research conducted across the globe at full fertility, BiOWiSH® Enhanced Fertilizer has realized an 86% win rate. BiOWiSH® delivers consistent performance across a broad range of crops, soil types, operating conditions, management practices and environments. You can have peace of mind knowing BiOWiSH® won’t wash away or volatilize.

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With BiOWiSH®, farmers can choose the right fertility program based on their own success criteria. With an average yield increase of 7.7% from over 200 replicated trials, BiOWiSH® Enhanced Fertilizer optimized yield potential by improved nutrient uptake with the same fertilizer input. N Optimized trials using 10% less fertilizer had an average yield increase of 4.5%, while crop yields were maintained with a 20% N Optimized program.

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The BiOWiSH® Fertilizer Enhancement is available at an input cost that makes sense to farmers. In fact, the yield potential increase realized from Midwestern USA on-farm, corn demonstration trials using BiOWiSH® Enhanced Fertilizer led to an average profit increase of $58 per acre over a standard fertility program. This equals $116,000 for a 2,000 acre farm based on 2022 crop and input cost values.

Featured News

SABIC AN Collaborates with BiOWiSH Technologies and ADM to Support Sustainable Agriculture

SABIC Agri-Nutrients Company (SABIC AN) is collaborating with two US-based companies, ADM and BiOWiSH Technologies, to help farmers achieve higher production in a sustainable and cost-effective manner. Focusing on a 50,000-acre pilot project, farmers in the midwestern United States will use SABIC AN’s Bio-Enhanced Urea for the 2023 growing season and sign up for the ADM Re:Generations Program.

Newsweek The New Era of Food & Agriculture

Newsweek FEATURES BIOWISH: The New Era of Food and Agriculture

This Newsweek special report brings together leading voices from the food and agri-industry, including BiOWiSH Technologies CEO, Graham Beesley, and President, Rod Vautier, to share their vision of feeding 10 billion people in 2050, while handling climate change.

BiOWiSH® Fertilizer Enhancement Now Available through ADM®

Available as a fertilizer treatment option from select ADM locations, the BiOWiSH® Fertilizer Enhancement can be added to dry or liquid fertilizers to improve nutrient use efficiency. ADM is offering BiOWiSH® as a dry fertilizer enhancement for urea, MAP, DAP, and NPK blends. ADM also supplies the BiOWiSH® Fertilizer Enhancement for common liquid fertilizers such as UAN, 10-34-0, 0-60-0, and NPK blends.

BiOWiSH Technologies joins Pond Foundation

biOWiSH joins pond foundation in pledge for sustainability

BiOWiSH joins the small, but growing rank of companies committed to taking the strongest, most credible regenerative action for people and the planet. Supported by Pond Foundation’s team, BiOWiSH will determine its Lifetime Carbon Balance (LCB), invest in carbon sequestration programs, and implement emissions reduction initiatives.

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Climate-Smart Approach


a passionate force for global sustainability

At BiOWiSH, we unify nature and science to reinvent the way food is grown and water is treated. In the agriculture market, BiOWiSH Technologies is paving the way for real change. BiOWiSH® products are non-GMO. We help farmers sustainably improve crop production in a natural way that reduces carbon footprint, water requirements and agrochemical inputs for every acre of crop production.

Performance Results

Meta analysis of more than 200+ independent replicated field research trials supports the performance of BiOWiSH® Enhanced Fertilizer, in both Standard and N Optimized fertility programs.

% Yield Uplift for Standard Fertility Program + BiOWiSH®

BiOWiSH Global Win Rate Chart with Yield Uplift all crops with standard fertility
Figure 1: Standard fertilizer rates with the addition of a BiOWiSH® treatment win over the Control 86.2% of the time on average. The average yield uplift of 7.7% over the Control is statistically significant in this meta analysis.

% Yield Uplift for N Optimized Fertility Program + BiOWiSH®

2023 BiOWiSH Global Win Rate Chart_optimized fertility_all crops

Figure 2: Even with a 10% reduction in fertilizer rates, the addition of BiOWiSH® to an N Optimized* Fertility Program wins over the full fertility Control 77.4% of the time on average. The average yield uplift of 4.5% over the Control is statistically significant in this meta analysis.


*N Optimized Program indicates a 10% reduction in the standard fertilizer program for the treatment area. Growers should always make their own risk assessment decisions, based on their current needs and situations. This data is effective as of April 2023. Win rates are subject to change. **BiOWiSH® endophytic Bacillus deliver soil nutrients to crops through the rhizophagy cycle creating a symbiotic relationship between the plant and soil microbes. This enables optimized yield potential by improved nutrient uptake.
Hear what others are saying about BiOWiSH...​
BiOWiSH® will revolutionize the hydroponics industry by helping farmers to harvest more regularly. I’ve been in the hydroponics business for 23 years and haven’t seen anything like it before. We introduced the technology in one of our worst performing greenhouses to really test it out, but within weeks it became one of our best in terms of plant performance and health. Not only were the lettuces heavier, they were also thicker and more consistent.
- Joe D’anastasi of Glenorie Hydroponics, Australia
Hear what others are saying about BiOWiSH...​
We tested 10 different products on corn in 2022. BiOWiSH® is the only one that created a stronger yield response. BiOWiSH® treated urea had an 18 bu/acre advantage over non-treated urea. It did not affect the spread of the fertilizer or create any clumps or clogging. We experienced over $100/acre net return!
- Scott Turman of Scott & Amy Turman Farms
Hear what others are saying about BiOWiSH...​
BiOWiSH is already reducing carbon emissions generated from the food sector and improving soils and farmers’ livelihoods. These are critical regenerative actions we need more of.
- Scott Poynton, Founder of the Pond Foundation
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