BiOWiSH Focus on Global Sustainability

BiOWiSH Sustainability - arial view of trees with three arrows forming a circle

A Message from Our President, Rod Vautier: The Impact of the BiOWiSH® Fertilizer Enhancement on Agricultural and Global Sustainability  In respect to the environment and climate-change initiatives, the agriculture and fertilizer industries are under significant pressure to reduce volatilization, greenhouse gas emissions, leaching and eutrophication. Hence, BiOWiSH Technologies is dedicated to collaborating with leading fertilizer companies worldwide, … Read more

The Sustainability Impact of BiOWiSH® Solutions

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New Infographic Depicts Our Sustainability Impact Around the Globe At BiOWiSH Technologies, we unify nature and science to reinvent the way food is grown and water is treated. We are focused on providing measurable solutions for some of the globe’s most critical environmental, conservation, and food production needs. Collaborating with key partners on both sides … Read more

Effects of BiOWiSH® on Methane Production and Digestibility

New Research Study Shows How BiOWiSH® Direct Fed Microbials Affect Beef Cattle Intake, Digestibility, and Methane Production Enteric methane, which is produced through fermentation in the digestive system, represents a major loss of energy consumed by ruminants, as well as a significant input of greenhouse gas emissions sourced from agricultural sectors. The introduction of beneficial microbial … Read more

Gut Health Symposium 2016

BiOWiSH Technologies Sponsors Gut Health Symposium 2016 Held on November 14-16 in St. Louis, Missouri Like the first 4 Symposia organized around the topic of gut health in food animals, the aim of the 2016 Symposium was to bring together a group of scientists from academia, government and industry to discuss the role of gut … Read more