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Effects of BiOWiSH® on Methane Production and Digestibility

New Research Study Shows How BiOWiSH® Direct Fed Microbials Affect Beef Cattle Intake, Digestibility, and Methane Production Enteric methane, which is produced through fermentation in the digestive system, represents a major loss of energy consumed by ruminants, as well as a significant input of greenhouse gas emissions sourced from agricultural sectors. The introduction of beneficial microbial … Read more

Gut Health Symposium 2016

BiOWiSH Technologies Sponsors Gut Health Symposium 2016 Held on November 14-16 in St. Louis, Missouri Like the first 4 Symposia organized around the topic of gut health in food animals, the aim of the 2016 Symposium was to bring together a group of scientists from academia, government and industry to discuss the role of gut … Read more