BiOWiSH Focus on Global Sustainability

A Message from Our President, Rod Vautier:

Rod Vautier, BiOWiSH Technologies President

The Impact of the BiOWiSH® Fertilizer Enhancement on Agricultural and Global Sustainability 

In respect to the environment and climate-change initiatives, the agriculture and fertilizer industries are under significant pressure to reduce volatilization, greenhouse gas emissions, leaching and eutrophication. Hence, BiOWiSH Technologies is dedicated to collaborating with leading fertilizer companies worldwide, aiming to enhance traditional fertilizer product lines.

Our goal is clear – to help farmers achieve higher production per acre in a manner that is sustainable, economical, and reduces the carbon footprint of the agricultural supply chain. The ingenious solution we offer lies in our biological fertilizer enhancement, carefully designed to be coated onto solid fertilizers or mixed into liquid fertilizers, which increases nutrient use efficiency and supports nutrient uptake.

BiOWiSH® Enhanced Fertilizers are proven to increase yield by an average of 7.7% when the enhanced fertilizer is added at the same rate as the standard program. In addition, optimizing fertilizer programs with the BiOWiSH® enhancement and applying 10% to 20% less nitrogen can be a sustainable farming practice that gives farmers flexibility to balance input cost with a return in productivity.  

We firmly believe that any initiative aimed at significantly impacting agricultural sustainability must be easy-to-use, consistently beneficial, have agronomically relevant input cost, and profitable for the farmer. Throughout the past decade of developing BiOWiSH® Enhanced Fertilizer, we have spared no effort in ensuring that we successfully address each of these crucial aspects. Moreover, with collaboration from key partners, we are developing product-based programs for farmers to reduce emissions and drive soil regeneration, all while providing options for additional revenue.

BiOWiSH Commitment to Becoming Carbon Neutral 

We are deeply committed to taking decisive action on climate change – to become truly Carbon Zero. To achieve this, we have joined The Pond Foundation and are actively devising plans to remove 100% of our legacy and future carbon emissions from the atmosphere.

With the support of Pond Foundation’s accomplished team, we will determine our Lifetime Carbon Balance (LCB) — that is, the amount of carbon emissions generated by our operations since our inception. To realize the ambition of removing our LCB from the atmosphere, we are implementing various emissions reduction initiatives and will continue to strengthen our sustainability strategy to maximize our positive impact socially and environmentally.

Other Ways BiOWiSH Demonstrates a Commitment to Sustainability 

Both the scientific advancements of the past decade and twelve years of intense BiOWiSH research have bestowed upon us a better understanding of the vital role that beneficial microorganisms play in supporting critical functions of soil and plants. Our unique products and innovative manufacturing methods are paving the way for new, more sustainable approaches to food production and natural resource management, harnessing the tremendous power of tiny microbes.

Beyond the realms of the agriculture and fertilizer industries, BiOWiSH has developed technologies for other applications that also leverage the power of microbiology: Hydrocarbon Remediation, Water Treatment, Waste & Odor Management and Animal Feeds. Though distinct industries in technical terms, all BiOWiSH segments are ultimately interconnected in the company’s mission to feed the growing world population more sustainably. For a comprehensive perspective on these connections, please explore The Sustainability Impact of BiOWiSH® Solutions or our infographic gives a quick view. 

As you can clearly discern, sustainability lies at the very core of everything we do here at BiOWiSH Technologies. Our focus remains on providing tangible solutions for some of the most critical environmental, conservation, and food production needs globally. With the collaboration of key partners along the value chain, we are actively driving food production practices that are not only beneficial for our planet but also for humanity as a whole.


Rod Vautier
President, BiOWiSH Technologies
BiOWISH Technologies - Focus on Sustainability