Accelerates the biological break down of waste and removes odor at its source

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Odor Control

Removing Excess Ammonia and Noxious Odors at their Sources

Landfills, sewage stations, compost sites, food waste recycling facilities, and many other industries are all facing increasing pressure from governments and activist groups to control odor emissions. BiOWiSH® technology provides a safe, cost-effective solution to some of the most noxious odors and emissions produced by these industries. Studies have shown that BiOWiSH® technology rapidly reduces odors and a wide range of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. Our products are designed to have dual action (gaseous and substrate) and begin working in minutes, reacting bio-chemically with odor-causing molecules, breaking down volatile organic compounds upon contact into their final inert (and smell-free) compounds.

Solid Waste Management

Accelerating Biodegradation, Reducing Groundwater Pollution, and Eliminating Odor

Key considerations for solid waste management professionals include odor, groundwater pollution, and efficiency of land use. From large-scale municipal landfills to waste transfer stations and handling sites, environmental management professionals use BiOWiSH® technology to reduce odor, accelerate solid waste decomposition, and improve leachate water quality. At BiOWiSH Technologies, we provide a solution for every stage of the solid waste management cycle.

Proven Results

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Odor Control at Waste Sorting Facility

BiOWiSH® Odor significantly reduced hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and volatile organic compounds at a municipal solid waste sorting facility in as little as 14 days.
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Leachate Treatment at Colombian Landfill

BiOWiSH® Odor increased compaction rate by 7% in an 8-week landfill trial as well as improved overall leachate quality. BiOWiSH® Odor reduced BOD and COD by 28% each as well as TSS by 62% and TS by 52%.
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Odor Control at Food Waste Recycling Facility

BiOWiSH® helped the facility avoid penalty fines by reducing odor emissions to undetectable limits within 10 weeks.

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We make innovative, world-class biotechnology products. Our products positively increase activity in the natural biology that already exists.
We can improve environments such as soil, water, or food production animals. Our products are non-GMO and completely safe! 

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