The Sustainability Impact of BiOWiSH® Solutions

New Infographic Depicts Our Sustainability Impact Around the Globe

At BiOWiSH Technologies, we unify nature and science to reinvent the way food is grown and water is treated. We are focused on providing measurable solutions for some of the globe’s most critical environmental, conservation, and food production needs. Collaborating with key partners on both sides of the value chain, we are helping shift food production toward practices that are better for our planet and humanity.

In the agriculture market, BiOWiSH is paving the way for climate-smart practices. BiOWiSH® products are natural and non-GMO, and they help farmers improve crop production in a way that is sustainable, economical, and reduces the carbon footprint of the agricultural supply chain.

Our other business segments are focused on restoring natural resources back to their native equilibrium. The infographic below describes how each BiOWiSH business segment is connected and works together toward greater food security and critical environmental goals.

The Sustainability Impact of BiOWiSH Solutions - infographicBIOWISH® SOLUTIONS

The inner green circle represents the industry segments that BiOWiSH Technologies supports. Our innovative biotechnology products are designed to meet specific needs and critical environmental objectives within each industry. The BiOWiSH business segments are as follows:

  • Fertilizer Enhancements: Our agronomy products are helping to produce more food per acre (hectare) while also improving the efficiency of mineral fertilizers. In over 220 independent studies around the world and covering a wide range of major crops, BiOWiSH® Crop Liquid has been shown to provide an average of 7.7% crop yield increase. Optimizing yield potential by improved nutrient uptake affords growers the possibility of reducing fertilizer inputs while maintaining yield goals. In parallel, a reduction in the land area required to produce the same amount of food could result in carbon emission reductions and opportunities for additional carbon sequestration.
  • Waste & Odor Management: Our BiOWiSH® powered solutions for waste & odor management enable existing biology to accelerate waste decomposition and lower the organic loading of resulting leachate.
  • Water Treatment: Our suite of water bioaugmentation products helps to restore water systems to their natural equilibrium. BiOWiSH® water bioaugmentation products aid in the removal of organic matter, inorganic nutrients, and other exposure-related contaminants while improving water clarity and reducing odors. Our world-first all-natural cyanuric acid reducer solves a decades old issue of needing to exchange water in swimming pools.
  • Animal Feeds: Our animal feed additives use a comprehensive approach to feeding programs which consist of water management, feed management, issues management, and waste handling. The BiOWiSH goal is to help feed our growing global population in a way that is sustainable for the planet and profitable for the farmer.
  • Hydrocarbon Remediation: Our suite of hydrocarbon remediation products helps to clean up soil or polluted bodies of water from spills or activities of exploration and production of oil and other petroleum-based products, restoring water bodies to their natural equilibrium.


The blue ring identifies the direct or indirect beneficiaries that BiOWiSH® products positively impact. The environment as a whole benefits from improved soil, water, and air quality, and thriving biodiversity.

The U.N. estimates that 2.3 billion people live in water-stressed countries. That number could grow exponentially as safe water sources dry up and the global population surges. Likewise, the U.N. estimates that 95% of the Earth’s precious land area is at risk by 2050. Immediate and substantial interventions are necessary.

Improving and maintaining our soil and water natural resources is critical to global food and environmental security. Our innovative biotechnology products provide natural and impactful solutions within each industry as outlined above, but the benefits aren’t contained in contained within a metaphorical droplet – they ripple throughout other industries.

Consider our fertilizer enhancement for instance. Because it improves nutrient use efficiency and supports nutrient uptake- it could ultimately mean that less nutrients are lost to unproductive pathways. It’s easy to infer how a reduction in fertilizer loss can lead to a positive effect on waterways, aquatic systems, drinking water, animals, society, and the earth as a whole. Similarly, a reduction in waste will positively impact water and soil, which has a ripple effect as well.

At BiOWiSH, our focus is, and has always been, on helping feed the world more sustainably. That’s what our tagline, “Biological Help for the Human Race” means. With our safe, natural, and non-GMO biotechnology products, we strive to improve efficiencies in food production and natural resource management for the benefit of us all, so we and our posterity can thrive on a healthy planet for generations to come.