BiOWiSH® Crop Boosts Wheat Yield and Farmer ROI

These microbes boost wheat yield and bottom line

Using fertilizer coated with BiOWiSH® Crop technology can make crops more profitable, according to a new study by Helena Chemical Company.

The study compared today’s farming standard (urea fertilizer) to two treatments: the typical amount of urea coated with BiOWiSH®, and a reduced amount of urea coated with BiOWiSH®. The outcome linked the BiOWiSH® treatments with a number of benefits on wheat.

How does BiOWiSH® Crop technology work? The secret’s in the proprietary blend of microbes!

What else can these microbes do for farmers?

Increase ROI

Perhaps the most important finding in this study is that BiOWiSH® increases the return on investment for farmers. When added to the standard urea application, BiOWiSH® increased profits by $69.53 per hectare.

But, what if farmers don’t want to spend more money on fertilizer?

This study shows that reducing the amount of urea coated with BiOWiSH® can keep fertilizing costs the same and still increase profits. Even with less urea, profitability was increased by $37.73 per hectare.

In both cases, the results are simple: applying urea coated with BiOWiSH® results in more money for growers.

Maximize crop yields

The higher return on investment comes from increased crop yields.

More plants grown on the same amount of land isn’t just good news for bottom lines. As world population grows, the demand for food is also rising. Many food producers are looking for ways to increase crop production. How can we do this while conserving precious resources like land and water?

This study shows BiOWiSH® Crop is a promising answer to these concerns.

In general, fields treated with the BiOWiSH®-coated urea grew more wheat. When the standard amount of urea was coated with BiOWiSH® crop and applied, it resulted in a wheat yield increase of 7%. Not only did wheat yield increase, so did root and foliar biomass. BiOWiSH® plus the standard urea treatment led to a whopping 86% increase in root biomass.

That means BiOWiSH® encouraged the growth of more wheat plants, with bigger leaves and root systems. These are general indicators of healthier, more robust plants. Larger root systems also make it easier for plants to access moisture during droughts.

The BiOWiSH®-enhanced fertilizer was shown to grow more crops on the same amount of land. Those crops turned out to be bigger and more resilient to potential environmental stress. All this was accomplished while maintaining soil productivity.

Fight soil depletion

In the past, higher crop yield left the soil less productive for future crops. More plants meant a greater strain on the ecosystem supporting them. In order to get those higher yields, crops used up more essential soil nutrients from the soil. Even if an increased yield led to higher profits, some of that money had to be used for fertilizer to restore the soil.

Helena Chemical Company’s study shows this is not the case when BiOWiSH® is involved.

Macronutrients in the soil were measured post-harvest. After the harvest, the soil that was treated with BiOWiSH® had higher soil productivity values than the soil that was only treated with urea. Specifically, wheat treated with BiOWiSH® left behind more nitrate nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

BiOWiSH® didn’t just grow more plants – it maintained more productive soil conditions for the next set of crops.

This is made possible by the proprietary microorganisms. They work to make more nutrients available to the plants. Many fertilizing techniques rely on adding more macronutrients. BiOWiSH® microbes help convert the nutrients in the soil into forms plants can use. That’s why more plants can grow without stripping the soil.

About BiOWiSH® Crop technology

Biowish crop productBiOWiSH® Crop 16-40-0 This study shows that BiOWiSH® Crop is a great method to increase wheat yield. Return on investment rises, and the soil is productive for the next rotation of crops. For more details about BiOWiSH®Crop technology’s impressive performance, read the full study here.

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