Economic Insight: How BiOWiSH Tracks Economic Results to Predict Success

As biological fertilizer enhancements continue to make headway in the marketplace, some growers remain wary. Numerous products are available, which may feel like choice overload for growers. In addition, some products have not lived up to their research claims when implemented on-farm. However, effective solution providers can provide economic metrics and data to validate their research claims and real-world farming success. 

BiOWiSH conducts in-depth research and tracks both agronomic and economic results to help growers determine potential profitability for their farming operation. The BiOWiSH® Fertilizer Enhancement, a blend of proprietary microbial cultures that is applied to fertilizer to optimize yield potential has been proven to increase profit over a range of commodity values. Modeled profit changes based on our trials have revealed higher net incomes per acre for BiOWiSH® treatments relative to Controls, which has the potential to increase the profit for growers.

Below is a glance into how BiOWiSH collects and analyzes economic data to estimate net income for treatments and profit change to help growers around the world meet their fertilizing goals successfully.

Tracking Profit Trends

BiOWiSH analyzes its research using a meta-analysis approach to gain performance and economic insight across a broad range of crops and environments. This statistical technique integrates data from replicated studies across a range of geographies to estimate the real impact of product performance across locations. Corroborating results from more than 200 independent, replicated third-party research trials along with comparisons of on-farm trials enables BiOWiSH to assess how product performance translates into real farming with varying growing conditions and geographical challenges.

For each research trial, BiOWiSH determines the net income for treatments by using fertilizer and the BiOWiSH® Fertilizer Enhancement as input costs, along with crop values at the time of the study. The profit change is then determined by the difference between the net income for the BiOWiSH® treatment and the Control. This information is analyzed and used to help growers determine how the BiOWiSH® Fertilizer Enhancement can benefit both their crops and business.

Proven Performance 

BiOWiSH has a library of case studies that reveal profitability and yield increase potential for growers around the world. For example, a 2022 study following sixteen Midwestern USA on-farm corn demonstration trials using BiOWiSH® Enhanced Fertilizer revealed an average profit increase of $58 per acre over a standard fertility program. See the results below:

This means that a corn grower with a 2,000-acre farm has the potential to experience a profit increase of up to $116,000 using BiOWiSH® Enhanced Fertilizer based on this data.

In addition, using USA 5-year commodity value ranges from 2018 to 2023, BiOWiSH determined a profit change for three major cereal crops based on yield and fertility program input cost data from its large database of replicated trials. In this model, profit increases using the BiOWiSH® Fertilizer Enhancement also revealed $58 per acre in corn, $50 per acre in wheat, and $168 in rice demonstrating consistency between on-farm results and replicated research studies.  The meta-analysis of modeled profit for the studies of the BiOWiSH® Fertilizer Enhancement on urea over Control treatments are in the figure below.

Additional research trials with remarkable profitability trends include corn and wheat studies conducted in Northern Texas, along with this corn case study in Northern Victoria, Australia.

Predicting Future Success

While adding a fertilizer enhancement to your program may feel overwhelming, selecting a solution provider that can provide relevant economic insight and proven results can help ensure the transition is successful. Understanding a sense of potential profit per acre from relevant research data before implementation can provide the confidence that BiOWiSH® Fertilizer Enhancement will improve your fertilizer program to benefit both your crops and your bottom line.

Download our Economics Brochure to learn more about how BiOWiSH® Enhanced Fertilizer can lead to success on your farm.