Gut Health Symposium 2016

BiOWiSH Technologies Sponsors Gut Health Symposium 2016

Held on November 14-16 in St. Louis, Missouri

Like the first 4 Symposia organized around the topic of gut health in food animals, the aim of the 2016 Symposium was to bring together a group of scientists from academia, government and industry to discuss the role of gut health in animal production and the essential role that the gut plays in establishing and maintaining animal health. The overall aim of the of the conference is to promote the unifying concepts that the gut drives animal health and performance.

See our research here: 

The Influence of a Direct-fed Microbial on Growth Performance, Digestibility, Methane Production, and Gut Health Across Multiple Livestock Species.

Abstract topics for 2016 were:

  • Measurements of gut health
  • Intestinal barrier function
  • Intestinal mucus and host-microbe interactions
  • Gatekeeper function of the epithelium
  • Mucosal immunobiology
  • Nutrition and gut health
  • Impact of gut microbial communities on gut health
  • Beneficial microbes and gut health
  • Development/diversity of the microbiome
  • Nanotechnology and delivery of bioactives
  • Beneficial physiological effects of gut health
  • Gut neuropeptides

Topics as listed on the symposium website.

The research presented this year focused on understanding the crosstalk between the host organism and it’s microbiome and how that effects overall wellness and growth performance.  Another focus of this symposium was understanding the significance of new FDA guidelines around the use of antibiotics in animal feed as growth promoters.

Three distinguished plenary speakers from around the globe covered current research topics in avian, porcine, and bovine gut health. The relaxed, informal nature of the symposium allowed for interaction between scientists, researchers and industry alike to engage in talks and develop collaborative efforts between laboratories to further the science in gut health.