Corn and Tomato Farmers Reap Big Benefits from BiOWiSH® Crop Products

Research shows our natural, non-GMO technology improves yield, increases profit, and more.

As spring slowly makes its way across the United States, farmers are faced with the uncertainty of another growing season. Weather and growing conditions can have a huge impact on a crop’s profitability. What can farmers do to try to get the most out of their crops and improve the quality of their soil for the future?

According to research conducted by the Helena Agri-Enterprises, LLC, adding BiOWiSH® Crop to your fertility program improves yield and increases profit. Helena Agri-Enterprises, LLC, is a leading provider of crop production and crop protection products, in the U.S. and worldwide. That’s why BiOWiSH chose Helena to conduct research studies to determine the effects of BiOWiSH® Crop Technology on a variety of crops.

Helena’s research brings good news for farmers! BiOWiSH® Crop helped increase yield for tomatoes, corn, and more while maintaining or improving soil fertility. See some of the results below or read the full study.

Helena Research Shows BiOWiSH® Improves Tomato Yield

  • Improved brix levels
  • Improved levels of nitrogen in leaves and soil without additional chemicals
  • Increased yield up to 30% for green fruit, 15.6% red
  • Increased total profit

Helena Research Shows BiOWiSH® Increases Corn Silage Yield

  • Improved biomass yield by 27.37% over control, including increased ear length, ear diameter, and biomass yield
  • Maintained post-harvest soil nutrients: N, P, K, Mg, Ca, OM, and pH
  • Maintained N, P, and K in plant tissue analysis
  • Increased profits by as much as $1153/per hectare

No matter what this season brings, you should have confidence in your fertility program. Starting this year, Helena Agri-Enterprises, LLC, is offering liquid fertilizers mixed with BiOWiSH® Crop Liquid and solid fertilizers coated with BiOWiSH® Crop Liquid. Contact Helena or one of our other distributors to purchase a fertilizer powered by BiOWiSH® before spring planting begins.

These two studies are a snapshot of the positive results we see with our microbial-based technology. More studies are available on our resources page.