BiOWiSH Technologies Announces New Sustainability Program

Sustainability has been a pivotal component of agricultural production, but an increasing focus on climate has necessitated that parties across the sector develop and further adopt climate-smart practices. As an industry, agriculture makes up a sizeable contribution towards the global greenhouse gas footprint. Agricultural climate-smart solutions can reduce these greenhouse gas emissions while also improving crop productivity.

Therefore, it’s exciting to announce that BiOWiSH Technologies has added a new business segment to drive a sustainability program. This new venture will further enhance the services offered to the end-user of BiOWiSH® Enhanced Fertilizer. Investment into this new sustainability department focuses on advancing solutions both internally and with external partners.

An industry leader in innovative world-class biotechnology products, BiOWiSH is passionate about global sustainability and improving the lives of all people by unifying nature and science to reinvent the way food is grown. We partner with market-leading fertilizer companies to bring Bio-Enhanced Mineral Fertilizers to customers across the globe. Our goal is to develop agricultural solutions that help farmers maximize productivity and increase income – while at the same time, improving environmental outcomes.

About BiOWiSH Technologies

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, BiOWiSH Technologies, Inc. is a global provider of biotechnology solutions for the agriculture, aquaculture, and environmental management industries. As a leader in the application of microbial technologies in the agricultural market, we partner with the world’s top fertilizer manufacturers to help farmers increase crop production sustainably, safely and cost effectively. Our revolutionary BiOWiSH® Crop Liquid can be coated onto dry fertilizer or mixed with liquid fertilizer to create an enhanced efficiency fertilizer that optimizes yield potential by improved nutrient uptake and improves soil conditions for increased plant vigor. This helps farmers achieve consistent results across a broad range of operating conditions, climates and environments. By unifying nature and science, BiOWiSH reinvents the way food is grown. For more information, visit