BiOWiSH brings revolutionary technology to WEFTEC 2017

BiOWiSH Technologies is thrilled to be an exhibitor at WEFTEC again this year. Visit us at booth #8439!

Since our start in 2007, BiOWiSH has been committed to finding biological solutions to the world’s biggest problems, including water quality issues. We look forward to sharing our latest research and success stories with you.

Our water treatment experts will be on hand to discuss the benefits of a BiOWiSH® water treatment plan.

What can BiOWiSH® do for you?

BiOWiSH® saves you money

Using BiOWiSH in your wastewater treatment plant can reduce expenditures in several ways:

Sludge reduction

The more sludge produced, the more often you must pay to have it removed. BiOWiSH® has been shown to reduce sludge production by up to 75% in some cases. Our microorganisms go to work immediately, increasing biological activity and dissolving the organic fraction of the sludge layer.

Energy cost reduction

BiOWiSH® improves plant efficiency so it costs less to keep your plant running smoothly. Our bioaugmentation programs reduce required aeration time by improving biological performance in aeration tanks.

Capital avoidance

BiOWiSH® treatment plans can be a good alternative to expanding operations. In many of our case studies, plant managers turn to us to increase plant capacity without adding multiple unit operations. BiOWiSH® can eliminate the need for plant expansion.

While BiOWiSH® decreases operating costs, it also works hard to improve water treatment processes across multiple unit operations.

BiOWiSH® improves effluent quality

biowish aqua productBiOWiSH® Aqua is our water treatment base formulation.

This technology is uniquely powerful because it delivers a previously unharnessed ability to denitrify nitrogen in aerobic conditions.

Using multiple metabolic pathways, our unique composite biocatalyst accelerates the biological removal of nitrogen and other nutrients. Our patented fermentation process ensures consistent results across a wide range of biologically relevant operating conditions.

BiOWiSH® does more than boost nutrient removal in aerobic and anaerobic conditions. Our powerful microorganisms quickly improve BOD and other effluent quality measurements. By using up available substrates in the water column, BiOWiSH® reduces the amount of dissolved organic matter. BOD, COD, and TSS improve quickly and dramatically.

Improved effluent quality is better for the environment, and enables plant managers to meet standards quickly. With BiOWiSH®, improvements in effluent quality measurements can be seen as quickly as two weeks after implementation.

Proven results at the Summer Palace

As a research-backed company, our list of successful case studies is always growing. At WEFTEC, we will feature our most recent case study from the Summer Palace in Beijing.

The Summer Palace in Beijing, China
The Summer Palace in Beijing, China.

Summer Palace officials were seeking an all-natural, sustainable alternative to harsh chemicals for improving surface water quality. Within two weeks of dosing, BiOWiSH® Aqua brought water quality up to the desired standard and decreased operating expenses.

To learn more about how we restored water quality in one of China’s most beautiful landscapes, visit us at booth #8439, or read the full case study here.

From surface water to wastewater applications, BiOWiSH works with existing biology to improve water quality sustainably.

In water treatment plants, BiOWiSH® Aqua improves efficiency and effluent quality while decreasing expenditures. It works across multiple unit operations, boosting performance at each stage of the treatment process. Because it is shipped ready to dose, application is simple.

Our water treatment team is available to discuss the benefits of BiOWiSH® for water treatment. We can customize an implementation program for your needs, or set you up as a new distributor.

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