How BiOWiSH® Increases Net Profit for Coffee Farmers

BiOWiSH partnered with researchers in Vietnam to see how BiOWiSH® Crop improves crop production in two key growing regions. The results were a powerful endorsement of BiOWiSH® agriculture solutions.

Higher Coffee Yield with BiOWiSH® Crop

Agriculture is key in Vietnam, contributing around 20% of the GDP. That’s one of the reasons BiOWiSH teamed up with Vietnam’s Research Center for Highland Soils, Fertilizer, and Environment to research the benefits of BiOWiSH® technology for different crops in different environments.

Coffee is also extraordinarily important in Vietnam – and Vietnam’s coffee production is crucial for the rest of the world. After all, they are the second largest coffee exporter. Within Vietnam, Dak Lak is the largest coffee-growing province, so that’s where we tested our technology. Read the full study here, or keep reading for the highlights.

More Coffee per Acre with BiOWiSH® Crop

This study compared the typical fertilizer program of the region with two fertilizer programs that included BiOWiSH® in Cu M’Gar and Buon Ma Thuot districts of Dak Lak. Both fertilizer programs that included BiOWiSH® had higher yields – up to 17% higher yields than the control program.

Higher Net Profits with BiOWiSH® Crop

When the coffee farmers used NPK coated with BiOWiSH®, they got up to $536 more per acre (or $1324 per hectare). Even when BiOWiSH® coated NPK was only used for one fertilizer application, growers could still get an additional $337 per acre ($833 per hectare).

More Productive Soil with BiOWiSH® Crop

With BiOWiSH®, the increased yield did not lead to soil depletion, representing a potential cost savings for future farming. The soil in BiOWiSH® treated plots had more populations of nitrogen fixing microorganisms and phosphorus solubilizing bacteria. As a result, BiOWiSH® treated plots also had higher available nitrogen and phosphorus in the soil.

To get more details about the fertilizer programs that were compared, yield increase per acre, or levels of available nutrients post-harvest, read the four-page research study here. This is only one study in a series where we teamed up with third party institutions to investigate the affect of BiOWiSH® Crop, so be sure to visit our resources page for additional research.

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