BiOWiSH Guide to World Ag 2019

If you didn’t make it to Tulare, California but want to know what happened at World Ag 2019, the BiOWiSH team has you covered! Read on for some highlights from our World Ag crew, including some agriculture hot topics, the winner of a YETI cooler, what a cow magnet is, and more!

Everyone’s Talking About Soil

In particular, everyone is talking about soil productivity this year. We are seeing a huge increase in the number of growers and businesses who are concerned about our soil.

At BiOWiSH, we’ve been passionate about soil from the start. One of our core values is sustainability, and our Crop products are formulated to work naturally within the soil to improve crop production. We’re so excited to be participating in new conversations about how to improve soil productivity around the world and making connections with growers and businesses who value sustainability as much as we do.

Other Hot Topics

Mckenzy Brewer, marketing specialist, sitting in a tractor!
  • Specialty crops abound at World Ag 2019! We are so pleased to be able to meet with growers who specialize in nuts, veggies, and other specialty crops. Did you know BiOWiSH® Crop products are recommended for all crop types, including orchards, horticulture, citrus, and turfgrass?
  • Our partner Helena has a huge loyal following! We are lucky to be able to meet so many growers who are so passionate about our partner, Helena Agri-Enterprises, and we look forward to growing our connections and relationships.
  •  Do you know what a cow magnet is? Neither did McKenzy Brewer, our marketing specialist. Farmers give magnets to their cows to prevent hardware disease, as McKenzy found out. We had a great time learning all kinds of new things at World Ag!

BiOWiSH Giveaway Winner

The Yeti giveaway was a huge hit! We had over 100 people enter to win, and the contest did a great job at sparking conversations with some kind and interesting people. The winner was Kyle from Deseret Farms, and he could not have been more excited to win.

We had a great time at World Ag 2019, and we met so many wonderful people. We can’t wait to come back next year. 

Pauline Holthaus holding the Yeti cooler

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Photo 2-12-19, 11-05-00 AM PST
Two of our awesome salesmen, Mark Wiesepape (left) and Sam Walther (right), at our booth!