BiOWiSH Product Approved for Organic Use, OMRI Listed

More great news for organic farmers!

BiOWiSH now has a product listed by OMRI: BiOWiSH® Crop 100% Natural Organic Soil and Plant Amendment.

If you would like to know whether organic BiOWiSH products are available in your region, contact your local distributor. For more information about OMRI and BiOWiSH’s OMRI listed products, read on.

What is OMRI?

OMRI is a nonprofit based out of Eugene, Oregon. For the past 20 years, they have been providing independent reviews and verification of products for use in organic operations.

OMRI was established to support the integrity of organic operations. Their aim is simple: to provide clear information and guidance for producers about which materials are appropriate for organic use.

OMRI’s review is a rigorous process. To have a product listed by OMRI, suppliers must show transparency and a commitment to integrity. The OMRI List is current, easily accessible, and 100% accurate, so that producers can be sure to comply with organic certification requirements at all stages.

Once a product gets OMRI listed, that means it is suitable for certified organic production, handling, and/or processing. The product must be included in the operator’s approved organic system plan, and used in accordance with any listed restrictions.

Search or download the OMRI List here for free.

Within the OMRI List, BiOWiSH® Crop products are categorized as Microbial Products, classified as Crop Management Tools and Production Aids. They are all-natural, and nontoxic. Get the product data sheet here, or read on for more information about our revolutionary crop technology.

What is BiOWiSH® Crop Technology?

BiOWiSH® Crop is a proprietary blend of microorganisms that delivers powerful results for food producers. Application is easy because BiOWiSH® Crop products are designed to seamlessly work with current best management practices.

How does it work?

BiOWiSH® microorganisms undergo an all-natural fermentation process that accesses underlying genetic potential without the need for genetic modification. This makes for a highly stable product that works in a broad range of operating conditions.

Key benefits include:

  • Optimized yield potential
  • Increased nutrient availability
  • Enhanced root development
  • Improved plant vigor
  • Stimulated native microbial activity in the soil
  • Improved soil productivity

Once BiOWiSH® microorganisms are in the soil, they convert nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium into forms plants can use. More nitrogen gets to the plant without having to increase chemical inputs. They also promote beneficial microbes in the soil and encourage root system growth. These biological processes make it possible to maintain soil fertility after the increased harvest, leaving precious nutrients in the soil.

The end results are larger crop yields and increased return on investment.

You can see these results for yourself in our case studies and research studies.

As a research-based company, we are always running trials to explore the benefits of our technology. Helena Research, a US independent third-party research company, has run several studies testing the efficacy of BiOWiSH® Crop on a number of crops. Highlights include:

  • Increased biomass, soil fertility, and profits when used on silage corn
  • Increased profits, grain yield, plant stand, and vigor when used on rice plants
  • Increased wheat yield and productivity, with increased revenue for wheat farmers
  • Increased yield, soluble content, and ROI when used on tomatoes

On top of those proven results, we are proud to add that BiOWiSH® Crop is now listed by OMRI.

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