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Microbial Enhancements: What Can BiOWiSH® Crop Liquid Do for Fertilizer Suppliers?

BiOWiSH® Brings Benefits to Fertilizer Suppliers and Fertilizer Manufacturers

BiOWiSH® Crop Liquid is the world’s first microbial solution that can be coated onto inorganic fertilizer. What does that mean for fertilizer suppliers and manufacturers?

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For the first time, bulk fertilizer manufacturers and suppliers can coat granular fertilizer with a microbial solution: BiOWiSH® Crop Liquid. Mixing BiOWiSH® Crop Liquid with commercial liquid fertilizer is also an option. In both cases, the end result is an enhanced efficiency fertilizer that increases nutrient availability and stimulates soil biology at the same time. What can fertilizer suppliers do with this new technology for crop production?

Customize Fertilizer Programs for Your Growers

Each grower has unique fertility needs. Climate, management practice, and crop type all influence what kind of fertilizer program is required. BiOWiSH® Crop Liquid lets fertilizer manufacturers and suppliers deliver flexibility and peace of mind for customers, regardless of their specific needs.

With BiOWiSH®, you can offer growers the opportunity to choose the right plan for maximizing their profit per acre under local conditions. Your customers can get the benefits of BiOWiSH® Crop Technology without changing their application practices, too. Once BiOWiSH® is coated onto fertilizers, growers apply it the same way they always have. Their crops benefit from the fertilizer and our microbial solutions with no extra effort.

In today’s crowded and competitive market, the right differentiation increases value and market share. Our microbial enhancement products allow you to stand out by satisfying your customers.

Meet Environmental Regulations

You already know that regulators in many countries are developing new, stricter standards for inorganic fertilizer usage and manufacturing. Growers and suppliers alike feel the pressure of increasing regulations. BiOWiSH® Crop Liquid can help both.

Because BiOWiSH® Crop Technology helps convert nitrogen in fertilizer into forms plants can easily use, it reduces volatilization. BiOWiSH® Crop Technology also converts bound phosphorus into available phosphorus, so less is lost to runoff.

We can help you meet and exceed environmental regulations by enhancing the effectiveness of your inorganic fertilizers with our natural microbial solutions.

With the addition of BiOWiSH®, you can:

  • Increase differentiation and market share
  • Give growers the opportunity to win in their specific operating conditions and environment
  • Meet your sustainability goals and new, tougher environmental standards

Increase Profit without Increasing Expenditures

With our new enhanced efficiency fertilizer, fertilizer suppliers can realize new opportunities and increase market share. In fact, BiOWiSH® Crop Liquid could help improve profit margins in the historically high volume, low margin bulk fertilizer industry.

BiOWiSH® adds value without requiring costly additional infrastructure. When it comes to incorporating BiOWiSH® Crop Liquid into your production facility, we make sure it is easy to implement with a low impact on your current production processes and minimal additional capital costs. The coating process is quick as well. We make it easy and simple to do business with us, from the initial memorandum of understanding to the final product coating, so suppliers can stay focused on what matters: the customers.

Together, BiOWiSH and fertilizer manufacturers can meet grower needs efficiently. The result is a win for farmers and the fertilizer suppliers who are serving them.

BiOWiSH® Crop Liquid: Biology Backed by Data

By now, you know that BiOWiSH® Crop Liquid is a microbial enhancement for bulk fertilizers. But how do we know it works?

The simple answer is that we checked. Third-party research institutions and growers alike have tested our technology. The results are clear: BiOWiSH® Crop Technology is proven to benefit production. For examples, see the table below, which summarizes a few studies conducted by Helena Agri-Enterprises.


CropTreatmentYield (Ton/Acre)Yield Increase (%)% Net Income Gain
Rice(Urea + MAP + MOP) + BiOWiSH®6.0329.96%32
Rice95% (Urea + MAP + MOP) + BiOWiSH®6.3336.42%40
Silage Corn(Urea + MAP + MOP) + BiOWiSH®44.1027.46%32
Grain CornControl + Hydra-Hume® + BiOWiSH®6.51*9.8%9
Tomato(UAN 32 + Nucleus® 0-0-15) + BiOWiSH®31.3315.40%20
Tomato80% (UAN 32 + Nucleus® 0-0-15) + BiOWiSH®28.856.26%26
Tomato[Nucleus® Ortho-Phos  +  Viva®], [An-20 + 10-34-0 + Nucleus® 0-0-21 + Hydra-Hume®] + BiOWiSH®32.2011.03%9
Walnuts(UN-32 + Nucleus® 0-0-21 + Hydra-Hume®) + BiOWiSH®6.127.94%8
WheatUrea + BiOWiSH®3.147.17%7
Wheat85% Urea + BiOWiSH®3.126.48%8

For full research studies, visit BiOWiSH offers these resources and more to ensure that you – and your customers – have the data you need to make informed decisions. We have a library of case studies and research studies that show consistent results on a broad range of crop types in varying management systems, climates, and environments around the world.

What does it do?

BiOWiSH® Crop Liquid:

  • Optimizes yield potential
  • Improves soil productivity
  • Increases nutrient availability
  • Enhances root development
  • Improves crop vigor
  • Stimulates native microbial activity

How is it made?

Our unique microbial strains are produced by a proprietary manufacturing process which promotes the expression of specifically desired characteristics.

Designed to enhance all kinds of fertilizers, our biology uses multiple modes of action and performs the intended effects reliably across broad operating conditions. The final result is the world’s first biologically based enhanced efficiency fertilizer, proven to improve crop yields and stimulate soil biology.

Features of BiOWiSH® Crop Liquid

  • Stable up to 3 years in original packaging
  • Industry leading stability on coated fertilizer and in liquid fertilizers*
  • Backed by years of data and research by independent facilities
  • Compatible with most fertilizers and many ag chemicals

Want to learn more about BiOWiSH® Crop Liquid? Check out the product page, or review some of our research for yourself.

If BiOWiSH® Crop Liquid sounds like a good fit for your commercial fertilizer operation, let’s talk! Click below to get in touch with the BiOWiSH agronomy expert.

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