Improve Your Avocado Production and Profits with BiOWiSH® Crop Products

Avocados have been hailed a superfood by American consumers for their healthy fat and fiber. Whether you love them because they are healthy or because they’re delicious, BiOWiSH has good news: our BiOWiSH® Crop Technology has proven to increase production and grower profit in a new study.

Trial Results: Avocados Love BiOWiSH®

Recently, Vietnam’s Research Center for Highland Soils, Fertilizer and Environment set out to see how BiOWiSH® could increase avocado production. The trial showed that using BiOWiSH® coated fertilizers improves avocado production and farmer profit.
The third-party researchers measured:

  • Number of avocados per plant
  • Avocado weight
  • Overall yield

Using those metrics, we calculated the profit change. Here’s a summary of the trial results:

  1. BiOWiSH® treated plants had more fruit per plant – up to 10.90% more
  2. BiOWiSH® treated plants produced heavier avocados, weighing an average of 23 grams heavier than control plant avocados
  3. BiOWiSH® treatments increased yield by up to 14.84%
  4. BiOWiSH® treatment increased net profit by 15.31%

All crops were fertilized with NPK but the BiOWiSH® treatment groups were treated with BiOWiSH® coated NPK. To get the full details of the study locations, fertilizer program, and treatment groups, read the writeup here.

Positive Trials for Other Crops

For a biological product to win the trust of growers and fertilizer companies, it needs third-party validation. BiOWiSH is a research-backed company, which is why we have conducted thousands of trials in different geographies, climates, environments, and management practices. You can read through some of these studies on our resources page or see some highlights below.

In Vietnam, third-party researchers have tested a number of crops, including:

  • Rice – BiOWiSH® treated crops showed a yield increase of around 13%
  • Coffee – the BiOWiSH® treatment group showed a net income gain of up to 25%
  • Bok Choy – BiOWiSH® treatment improved yield and net income gain in two consecutive seasons

We also have a range of results from other locations, including wheat, tomatoes, and lettuce in the US – all showing positive trends. That’s why we recommend BiOWiSH® for all crop and soil types.

The Technology Behind Improved Production and Increased Profits

What exactly is BiOWiSH® Crop Technology? BiOWiSH® Crop is a microbial solution made up of proprietary strains of microorganisms. Our biology uses multiple modes of action to perform reliably across broad operating conditions.

We believe in effective solutions that are easy to use. That means BiOWiSH® Crop Liquid has industry-leading stability and coating capabilities. It coats solid fertilizer or mixes with liquid fertilizer, and it is compatible with a wide range of ag chemicals.

BiOWiSH® Crop Technology offers growers:

  • Increased nutrient availability
  • Stimulated native microbial activity in the soil
  • Improved plant vigor
  • Enhanced root development
  • Improved soil productivity
  • Optimized yield potential
If you have questions about how BiOWiSH® Crop could help you improve production and profit, reach out to us at