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A Note from the CEO: BiOWiSH Technologies Announces Organizational Changes to Drive Key Growth Opportunities

By: Graham Beesley, CEO, BiOWiSH Technologies

As BiOWiSH Technologies continues to grow exponentially, we are pleased to announce that we have made instrumental organizational changes to our team to further drive innovation, accelerate business growth, and better serve our customers. These exciting promotions will help propel major sales growth in 2024, facilitate the finalization of regional manufacturing in key agronomy markets, expand upon new markets, and deepen our customer support.

Key organizational changes include: 

Bill Diederich, BiOWiSH Technologies Chief Innovation Officer Bill Diederich, formerly Senior Executive Vice President (SEVP) of Agri-Business, is now our Chief Innovation Officer (CIO). In this role, Bill will have more time to focus on BiOWiSH’s innovation process. He is charged with identifying new technologies and developing strategies and structures with industry partners to drive advancement. Bill will also lead the BiOWiSH Research & Development (R&D) and Regulatory teams and maintain leadership of the agronomy product management and engineering teams. Bill is also charged with developing carbon and sustainability initiatives with key commercial partners.

Rod Vautier, BiOWiSH Technologies PresidentRod Vautier, President of BiOWiSH Technologies, is now leading the Global Agronomy sales team. Rod has led BiOWiSH Technologies’ global expansion and commercialization since founding it in 2008. Under his leadership, BiOWiSH Technologies has conducted extensive R&D, expanding the ways our core technology can be used. Rod will maintain his leadership of the Marketing and Regional Agronomy Business Development teams.

Juan Verardo has been named Senior Vice President of Strategy and Commercial Partnerships, denoting a special responsibility for major corporate ventures. Juan has led commercial development for the BiOWiSH Environment Segment worldwide since 2016 and will continue to lead Aquaculture, Hydrocarbon Remediation, Odor Control & Waste Management, and Surface & Water Treatment.

Due to expansion, BiOWiSH Technologies also added additional roles throughout the world in 2023, including:

  • Agronomy Business Manager – North America
  • Commercial Agronomy Applied Scientist
  • Agronomy Business Development Manager – Southeast Asia
  • Agronomy Technical Service & Sales Manager – Southern Brazil
  • Technical Service Agronomist – Southern Brazil
  • Agronomy Technical Service & Sales Manager – Vietnam
  • Several R&D positions:
    • Laboratory Manager and Relations Officer
    • Scientist 1 – Bacterial Fermentation
    • Scientist 1 – Chromatography

As we wrap up a successful 2023, we look forward to the expertise and innovation that Bill, Rod, and Juan will bring to their new roles as we strive to help farmers produce more food sustainably and restore quality to the world’s water resources. We are proud of our diverse, passionate team and will continue to invest in our personnel to propel our vision and global expansion.