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Stop Draining Your Pool

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to spare. If you are a pool owner or pool and spa professional, this sing-song rhyme likely hits home for you. Cyanuric Acid (CYA) buildup has become a cause of concern for many pool owners, and it is virtually unavoidable. CYA is added to Chlorine to stabilize it and keep it from dissipating into gas within a matter of hours in the sun. Unfortunately, Chlorine does eventually evaporate or is used up in sanitizing your pool, leaving accumulating CYA in your pool as you replace the chlorine. As CYA builds up over 100 parts per million (ppm), the Chlorine becomes less effective, causing many people to have to maintain higher than normal chlorine in their pools or resort to other expensive and harsh water treatment products to maintain clear water.

Keep Pools Full and Save Water

With Bio-Active’s All-Natural Cyanuric Acid Reducer

Until Bio-Active entered the market, the most effective way to reduce Cyanuric Acid buildup was to drain part or all of your pool water. This lead to water waste, CYA pollutants in the water ways, and expensive pumping, re-filling and chemical balancing costs.

Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer positively impacts the environment, and your wallet, in 3 ways:

  1. The product works with your current pool water so there is no need to drain the pool. It preserves your water supply, which means pool owners save the cost of pumping out the old water and the cost of refilling their pool with new water. If you live in a state with water restrictions, Cyanuric Acid Reducer can also help you avoid water and sewage violation fines.
  2. Bio-Active’s Cyanuric Acid Reducer decreases your need for excess chemicals. As CYA increases, its bond with Chlorine strengthens. At this point, the Chlorine cannot oxidize and sanitize waste material at the correct rate. This prevents the Chlorine from doing its job as a sanitizer. Often pool owners and managers will have to keep adding Chlorine until it reaches unsafe levels, commonly known as Chlorine lock. Excess Chlorine in the pool causes burning feelings, skin irritations, and other harmful effects to the pool and environment. Cyanuric Acid Reducer reduces the amount of Chlorine you will need to add to your pool for it to be effective. When you maintain your CYA levels, keeping sparkling clear pool water is much easier.
  3. After pumping your pool, the water and CYA have to go somewhere. The drainage eventually enters the water ways where CYA and other chemicals pollute the water. Bio-Active is unique in that it employs an all-natural biotechnology that speeds up natural processes. In other words, it isn’t a pollutant and it reverses the effects of chemical pollution.

“We have been searching for a solution to the Cyanuric Acid build-up problem for decades,” said Jose Torres, a representative from Bio-Active. “Cyanuric Acid Reducer really is a miracle formula!”

Bio-Active’s Cyanuric Acid Reducer has been on the market for about a year and is starting to generate excitement in the pool industry. In fact, in 2015 it won Leslie’s Pool Supplies’ Vendor of the Year Award for being the most innovative new product.

Though innovative and new to the market, Cyanuric Acid Reducer is an all-natural product that speeds up the processes that already exist in nature. Cyanuric Acid Reducer disintegrates CYA at the molecular level. It is non-toxic with no adverse effects to your pool and is completely biodegradable. The proprietary blend of micro-organisms and dextrose are designed with a natural feedback loop and, if pools are in the proper condition, will reduce CYA down to recommended levels and then stop working. For pools with CYA of 200ppm or higher, this may require more than one dose.

According to Torres, Bio-Active is making a concerted effort to educate pool owners and professionals on balanced chemistry. “There are two problems we see almost daily,” Torres explains. “First, many testing kits do not accurately test Cyanuric Acid over 100 ppm. Often, pools will reach 200 or even 300 ppm and pool managers won’t know because their testing kits only go up to 100.” This can cause an issue because pools need a second or even third dose of Bio-Active before testing kits see an improvement.

“The other issue,” Torres continues, “is that the industry is still trying to understand biotechnology.” Owners and managers often continue adding additional chemical to the pool during the dosing process. This causes a problem because the microorganisms are meant to work within a specific chemistry and their effectiveness diminishes when additional chemicals are present to interfere with the processes.

Even with these challenges, Bio-Active is gaining momentum and carving its space within the market. The all-natural, safe, and economical product is the first of its kind in the pool and spa industry. If you are interested in reducing your pool’s CYA with Bio-Active’s Cyanuric Acid Reducer, it can be found at most major pool retailers. More information is available at