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Happy World Soil Day from BiOWiSH!

One of the most important natural resources we have is below our feet – soil!

At BiOWiSH, we know healthy food for the world starts with productive soil. Unfortunately, unsustainable practices in some industries, like food production, pose a threat to soil productivity.

World Soil Day was adopted to bring attention to the link between soil and healthy ecosystems.The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) declared December 5th World Soil Day in support of the Global Soil Partnership. Their purpose is simple: promote the sustainable use and management of soil.

Why is soil productivity important?

Each year, the FAO declares a theme. 2017’s theme is “Caring for the Planet starts from the Ground.” At BiOWiSH, we couldn’t agree more.

Soils are often viewed as an infinite resource. Unfortunately, it is finite and it takes a long time to produce – longer than a human lifespan. Therefore, it is up to us to protect our soil. It provides a place for us to live, and it promotes essential nutrient cycling. Soil holds enormous stores of carbon, and it helps meet the challenges of a changing climate. Of course, soil is also where we get most of our food.

According to the FAO:

  • 815 million people struggling to avoid hunger and 2 billion people don’t have enough access to nutrition-rich foods, but we can mitigate this through responsible soil management.
  • 95% of our food comes from soil.
  • 33% of our global soils are already degraded.

We can’t afford to continue depleting soils with unsustainable practices. That’s why the agronomy experts at BiOWiSH are committed to finding sustainable solutions that help farmers feed the world.

How does BiOWiSH help?

Often, high yields leave soil stripped of precious nutrients. That’s why farmers need solutions that will continue to promote crop growth from one growing season to the next, without depleting nutrients. That’s where BiOWiSH can help.

When a farmer adds BiOWiSH® Crop, or fertilizers that include BiOWiSH® technology, to their fields, BiOWiSH® microorganisms
stimulate microbial activity in the soil. These positive shifts in the microbiome promote better nutrient uptake in plants. The end results? Higher crop yield for farmers, and more food for the world – while preserving soil productivity.

That’s exactly what a recent study by Helena Chemical Company found. Although BiOWiSH® increased yield by 7%, soil nutrients were maintained. Get full access to that study here.

At BiOWiSH, we support farmers by offering sustainable processes that protect precious resources like soil. That way, soil can continue to support us.

From the BiOWiSH family, happy World Soil Day!

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