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BiOWiSH Technologies Welcomes Newly Appointed Board Members

CINCINNATI, OHIO January 31, 2023 BiOWiSH Technologies, Inc. today announced the appointment of their newest members of the Board of Directors, Doug Cameron and Richard Warren.

Richard Warren (Left), Doug Cameron (Right)

Cameron is a former head of biotechnology at Cargill and has extensive experience with venture capital chemical companies. He led the U.S. sector of the US-China Green Fund (USCGF) and was a professor in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Wisconsin. Of particular value is Cameron’s deep understanding in some future research areas such as genetics and synthetic biology.

Warren is Investment Manager for SABIC Ventures in the Americas. He has over 27 years of international experience in operational, business development and investment roles in industry with large engineering companies such as Schlumberger, Weatherford and McDermott. In addition to corporate experience, Warren has also worked in the energy practice of the Boston Consulting Group and in the corporate finance and private equity offices of Simmons & Company International, a leading energy investment bank where he established the firm’s first UK based private equity fund.

Following up on the recent investment from SABIC Agri-Nutrients, BiOWiSH set an objective to refresh the Board of Directors and add focus on relevant industry experience, contacts, and technical knowledge in advanced microbial technologies for the aquaculture, agriculture, and environmental management industries. This will advance the company’s mission to help feed the world through microbial innovation.

“Both Doug and Richard are incredibly knowledgeable and well-connected in our key technology areas and markets of interest,” said Dr. Nabil Sakkab, BiOWiSH Board Chairman. “I look forward to working closely with them as BiOWiSH continues its positive growth trajectory.”

The company is also announcing that Geoff Rosenhain is stepping down as a Board Director, moving into an advisory role. Rosenhain has been a BiOWiSH Director since 2012, representing Creata Ventures, one of BiOWiSH’s foundation investors. Over this time, he has been a relentless support of the company and has challenged the board and management continuously to ensure that strategy was on-point, and no viable option went unconsidered.

“Geoff is the type of Director every company benefits from,” said Sakkab. “He challenged us in all the right ways and thinks independently regarding what will best serve the company’s interests. It has been my utmost pleasure to serve on the board alongside Geoff, and I thank him for his professionalism and contributions to BiOWiSH. We are very pleased that he has agreed to stay on as an advisor to the board.”

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Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, BiOWiSH Technologies, Inc. is a global provider of biotechnology solutions for the agriculture, aquaculture, and environmental management industries. As a leader in the application of microbial technologies in the agricultural market, we partner with the world’s top fertilizer manufacturers to help farmers increase crop production sustainably, safely and cost effectively. Our revolutionary BiOWiSH® Crop Liquid can be coated onto dry fertilizer or mixed with liquid fertilizer to create an enhanced efficiency fertilizer that optimizes yield potential by improved nutrient uptake and improves soil conditions for increased plant vigor. This helps farmers achieve consistent results across a broad range of operating conditions, climates and environments. By unifying nature and science, BiOWiSH reinvents the way food is grown. For more information, visit