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7 Reasons Why BiOWiSH® Aqua Improves Water Quality

What can BiOWiSH® do to improve surface water quality parameters?

If you are charged with cleaning up lakes, ponds, rivers, and lagoons, BiOWiSH can help. Whether you need to improve clarity for an ornamental lake or reduce sludge in an effluent lagoon, BiOWiSH® Aqua is an easy-to-use, effective solution.

BiOWiSH Technologies can help water treatment professionals get clean water naturally. That’s why we are bringing BiOWiSH® water treatment technology to New Orleans for WEFTEC 2018. Come see us at Booth #5655.

BiOWiSH® Aqua and BiOWiSH® Aqua FOG are natural bioaugmentation solutions that provide powerful results. They are comprised of microorganisms that are specially suited to help clean waste and surface water. BiOWiSH® Aqua is shipped ready-to-dose and requires no activation. Best of all, BiOWiSH® Aqua Technology is safe for people, plants, and animals.

How Can BiOWiSH® Aqua Help You Improve Water Quality?

BiOWiSH® Aqua Technology:

  1. Reduces TSS: Total suspended solids, or TSS, can include organic matter, sewage, and other particles that make water look cloudy. High TSS is bad for plants and animals, too. BiOWiSH® speeds up natural processes that improve TSS.
  2. Improves Turbidity: Because BiOWiSH® Aqua reduces TSS, it improves turbidity. That means water looks clearer after BiOWiSH® bioaugmentation is complete.
  3.  Reduces organic loading: In essence, BiOWiSH® Aqua reduces organic loading by empowering nature to regain its course. BiOWiSH® microorganisms do this by breaking down organic matter and improving measures like BOD and COD, too.
  4. Reduces nitrates: Inorganic nutrients like nitrates and phosphorus cause problems for surface water. BiOWiSH® Aqua reduces nutrient levels to restore water quality.
  5. Removes odors: Smelly water is a nuisance. BiOWiSH® Aqua Treatment Technology actually removes odors at their source, rather than just masking them.
  6. Decreases sludge: BiOWiSH® organisms decrease sludge, the layer of sediment on the bottom of surface waters.
  7. Allows officials to meet water quality standards: Around the world, BiOWiSH® Aqua has improved water quality to meet regulatory standards. Check out our case studies here to see some examples.

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